Service Provided

Last Updated 9/23/2019

Tattoo Pricing:

The studio minimum for tattoos starts at $60. Pieces can be priced out at your consultation. We are always happy to work with people that want to stay within a certain budget.

Hourly pricing for large pieces range from $100-150/hour, depending on the artist.

Permanent Cosmetics:

To schedule a cosmetic appointment, a $150 non-refundable deposit is required, which is deducted from the service cost the day of your procedure.

All prices include an informational consultation with the artist, topical anesthetic numbing, custom pigment color, mapping, design and an optional second visit. We understand that permanent cosmetics require a big commitment and a lot of trust in your artist. We respect a client’s decision to start a little conservatively with their color and thickness at their first session. This visit may be utilized if a touch-up is needed or if you have decided to go a little more intense with thickness, width or color (excluding eyelash enhancement, you may only have a touch-up at the 2nd visit).

*The free, second visit MUST be scheduled within 8 weeks of the original service date and must be performed within 90 days of the original service date. NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Color Enhancement pricing is for our existing, returning customers. Client’s who have had prior permanent cosmetics performed elsewhere would need to be assessed by our artist and would need to pay the initial treatment cost. 

Eyebrow Services

Microblading: $550

Ombre/Powder Brows (machine): $550

Combo (Microblading & machine): $600

Color Enhancement

8 weeks-12 months: $125

12 months+: $250

Eyeliner Services

Eyelash Enhancement:$200 top or bottom/ $350 top & bottom

Top Eyeliner: $350

Bottom Eyeliner: $300

Top & Bottom Eyeliner: $600

Dramatic Eyeliner: $400 top / $700 top & bottom

(winged, cat eye, eyeshadow, stardust) 

Color Enhancement:Top or bottom (8 weeks-12 months) $150

Top & bottom (12 months+) $250 

Lip Services

Lip Liner:$400

Ombre Lip Liner:$500

Full Lip Color:$700 

Color Enhancement:8 weeks-12 months

Liner $100

Full Lips $200

12 months+

Liner $200

Full Lips $300 

Saline Tattoo Removal & Lightening:

$75 (For cover-up work, up to 30 minutes) 

Areola and scar tattooing: Please call us to schedule a consultation.